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Home Tuition or Group Tuition : Which one is better?

I have been asked this question by many parents since Schtutors was founded in 2008, but till today there is no clear answer to this. Choosing between a home tuition or group tuition by MOE teacher largely depends on your child’s needs, and proximity to the final examinations.

Definition of Group Tuition

To avoid any confusion, let me try to define what a group tuition is. A group tuition is held in the tutor’s private home and it consists of usually a few students.
Now, let me try to list out the advantages of each type of tuition:

Advantages of Home Tuition

  1. Student is able to receive personalized attention by the tutor; thereby allowing the tutor to better pin-point the mistakes and advise the child on how to score for the examinations
  2. Student is able to ask a lot more questions and better customize the tuition to the student's needs as compared to group tuition
  3. Generally better for graduating students (P6, Sec 4/5 or JC2) with only a few months left to the final examinations

Advantages of Group Tuition

  1. Student is able to learn from others’ mistakes and better appreciate the content
  2. Less stressful as compared to home tuition. For students who are unable to learn under high stress level, the stress level can sometimes impede learning
  3. Generally better for students who enjoy learning from others, and more prone to stress.

Ease of Getting Home Tuition versus Group Tuition

In terms of the ease of recommending your child tuition, it is actually harder for Schtutors to help your child to secure a space in a group tuition as compared to home tuition. The reason is because it is quite opportunistic since the child has to travel to the tutor’s place only on limited set of available time slots offered by the tutor. In contrast for home tuition, Schtutors has more teachers to choose from who can better suit your needs and timing.


In view of the above reasons, if your child is in need of urgent help perhaps in the graduating years, then I would generally recommend home tuition. However, if your child is willing to travel to the tutor’s place and likes to learn in the company of others, I would highly suggest group tuition.
Thanks and I hope the above is helpful,
Lead Coordinator (Schtutors Team)

How to hire the tutors

To hire a MOE teacher for home tuition, go to Schtutors home page and submit the 'Hire a MOE Home tutor' form.
To apply for a Group Tuition by MOE teachers, go to Group Tuition to search for one which suit your needs and apply.
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