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Parent Testimonials

Mrs Chia posted on 20th Jan 2017
Ms Chan is well-liked by my child. She is patient and can explain well, and she can accomodate my son subject capabilities and involve him.

Thank you Schtutors for your service. You provided immediate response to last minute requirement.

Mrs Ismail posted on 28th Dec 2016
My child like Ms Reshpal because she teaches patiently and clears his doubts.

Ms Reshpal is very commited. She is punctual and very helpful. She offered to buy assessment books and even printed out past year papers for my son on my behalf. The tutor responds promptly to my text messages. A very dedicated teacher.

Cindy posted on 25st Aug 2016
Daphne is a patient and engaging tutor. In addition to her ability to explain concepts in a clear and concise manner, she conscientiously prepares notes worksheets and practice papers which helped my child to ace his term tests.

Raymond, thank you for your recommendation of Daphne.

Karen posted on 21st Apr 2016
Ms Toh brings with her the expertise and experience of a school teacher which previous part-time tutors could not match. She certainly knows the Chinese syllabus very well and is able to use English to converse with my child when required to deepen my child's understanding.

She is able to engage my child to learn and guide my child with strategies that only a school teacher could offer. The price is steep to engage a school teacher but it is worth our money as we are paying to get a quality teacher. The tutor is willing to spend extra few minutes to teach my child and does not leave on the dot and does not use her handphone to check for messages. She focuses solely on teaching my child the strategies. My husband is also very impressed with the way she teaches our child. When I am away, the tutor will keep me informed through messages what she has taught my child and advise us on how to improve Chinese.

Lock Miew Leng posted on 28th Sep 2015
Ms Lee is very patient and friendly. She guides and helps my girl understand her syllabus. It really helps, and my daughter is happy.

To SchTutors, you are efficient and fast. Keep it up with your good service. Many thanks to Shirley.

Alfred posted on 25th May 2015
The tutor is a very nice lady and passionate about my slow kid's learning.

Shirley is great and understanding lady. Parents should have no issues communicating with her as she speaks in our "LINGO". Great company and excellent service. A company that you will NEVER go wrong if you need a tutor.

Diana Koh posted on 26th Apr 2015
The tutor has a very warm and pleasant personality, clear and patient in her methods of teachings. Genuinely sincere and care of the welfare for my daughter. A very caring, patient and sincere teacher, strict and also firm with her methods of teaching and approachable with her easy-going attitude. A truly amazing teacher to come by!

Katherine from Schtutors is warm n pleasant, sincere and pro active in sourcing the suitable tutor for me.

Carolyn Woon posted on 31st Jan 2015
She is very patient and pleasant and even helped to buy assessment books on our behalf. Always on time too. She is committed , just hope my childrncan benefit from her teaching, thumbs up to Ms Woon

Stella from Schtutors is amazing ! My second time using your company and she is ever as fast and efficient! Definitely an asset !!

Janice Loo posted on 23rd Nov 2014
The tutor was punctual for lessons and he responded promptly to my text messages, even if it was a holding reply, which was greatly appreciated. He would let me know in advance when the next lesson will take place and if he was going away, which helps me when it comes to planning my son's schedule.

Raymond from Schtutors was very prompt and helpful. He was honest and forthright when discussing the tutors and their suitability.

Celestine Tan posted on 15th Nov 2014
Mr Ng is very knowledgable , makes the topic interesting and simple to grasp . Most importantly he is very patient and kind whilst being firm . He has given my son a sense of renewed confidence that he can do well again this subject.

Shirley is amazing and very kind when I called the school .she is patient and very helpful and really went out of her way to help ! I can't thank her enough for listening and hping me find the right teachers for my don. Based in my son's reaction to Mr Ng I approach her again to help secure another teacher for my son .thank you Shirley!

Elisha Hong posted on 22nd May 2014
Ms Wendy updates me with my child progress every lessons. She is very professional with her students and speaks very fluent English. Thank you Schtutors also for being very efficient and responsive!

Karina Ong posted on 22nd Jan 2014
I like the fact that Jessie updates me on how she intends to coach my daughter and is candid with her comments. And, so far, Jessie seems to have a great rapport and affinity with my daughter. Shirley has been extremely prompt and helpful. She has ensured that her recommendations fit my brief. This has helped me find a tutor for my daughter within 2 days.

Jennifer Huang posted on 22nd Aug 2013
My child likes Mr Ng because he is able to explain clearly. He is committed and has his own method of teaching. Thank you Stella for being patient and willing to go all the way out to source a good tutor.

Judy posted on 4th Aug 2013
My child likes Ms Ong because she is helpful and is able to explain well. I would recommend her to other parents. Thanks Jace for helping me find such a good teacher.

John Lim posted on 9th Jul 2013
Mr Tan is good. My son has tried so many tutors but none of them was able to capture his attention. Getting a MOE teacher like Mr Tan is really different. Keep up the good work, Schtutors. And, thank you Shirley for insisting that I try Mr Tan.

Julia Chang posted on 22nd Apr 2013
Shirley, thank you so much for your very prompt response and for helping me find a tutor within a day.

Sharon posted on 30th Jan 2013
Thanks Shirley. Ms Siti is very professional. My boy enjoys her class. Will recommend my friends to Schtutors when they need tutors. Thanks.

Joan Lim posted on 2nd Oct 2012
My son had his first chemistry tuition with Mr Chng today and he found Mr Chng's explanation clear and easy to grasp. It really helped to cover the areas that he is having problems with and has prepared him for his coming exam.

Mrs Wong posted on 9th Jul 2012
The tutor is very professional and we like her very much. Shirley is prompt and very helpful too. Keep up with the good and reliable service. Regards. Mrs Wong

Mrs Chew posted on 21st May 2012
Hi jamie , we r very happy with ms deepa! Tks for the gd match!

Shinny posted on 30th Apr 2012
By the way I would like to said thank you so much for recommending a good teacher, Joey, to us. Her teaching methods are very firm n good.
I have recommended my sister in law to ur services too. Thanks.

Mrs Kang posted on 15th Feb 2012
Even with her tight school's schedule, Ms Lim is good, very caring and patient with my son. Thank you so much for helping us to source for her. Will come back to Schtutors again.

Juliana Sim posted on 8th Jan 2011
Both tutors are within my expectations, especially Caren. My daugther says she is very clear in explaining things! So far your recommendations of Miss Siti, Mrs Caren Lai and Mdm Cheah are excellent!

Ben Tan posted on 15th Jul 2010
Thank You So Much for helping us to find good teachers as our children's tutor.

The teachers are Very Diligent and Really Genuinely concerned about my children's progress and most importantly; they know exactly what to tutor our kids based on the school's syllabus & curriculum.

Compared to all our previous tutors who are full-time students (at NTU, NUS, NIE) but only out to make some extra pocket $, they just simply don't bother much about our kids' progress. They are more concerned about making their extra pocket $ to pay whatever!

That is the BIG Difference between other tutors & your SchTutors!

(Please kindly help to forward this email to the 2 SchTutors who are tutoring my son, they are absolutely Very Good ;-)

Thanks alot & Sincerely Appreciate,
(Jonathan's father)
Ramesh Sanjay Jamal posted on 23rd Jan 2010
After the first day of lesson with Hafizah:
  1. she spoke to us to hear our thoughts and what we're looking forward to and this helped to set the tone and understanding
  2. she identified our daughter's weak points and told us
  3. we spoke more and understood the education system
  4. we heard her thoughts and opinion on how to help a student progress and achieve success which we now better understand that it's a step by step approach and not something that can be rushed
  5. besides these, after each lesson she gives us tips on how to help my daughter improve.
Juliana Sim posted on 9th Jan 2010
Thanks and Miss Siti is just fantastic, knowledgeable, kind and patient!! Keep up the good work!
Stephanie Kee posted on 4th Nov 2009
My son was re-sitting for his supplementary papers in 3 weeks time and he needed 2 tutors. It was hard to find 2 good tutors in such a short time. However, Hui Hiang managed to find for my son 2 tutors who eventually helped him to pass his examinations. I am very grateful to her.
Angela Ong posted on 26th May 2009
Good and highly recommended agency. Shawn was telling me to reduce my budget rather than trying to increase it. Where can you find such an agency?
Irene Tan posted on 6th Mar 2009
Being a repeated customer, I feel I should write someting about SchTutors when asked by Shawn. They are an exceptional agency; they may take some time because they want to find the best tutor for you. I remembered about 3 weeks ago when I called Shawn and asked why is the sourcing of tutor taking so long - more than 1 week. He told me that actually there are 3 tutors that have applied, but he is not confident of them so he didn't call me back. Eventually, he found one suitable tutor and till today I am still having this same tutor.
Mrs Tay posted on 26th Oct 2008
Dawn (SchTutors) provides exceptional service. Although we couldn't afford the initial budget, she managed to split the tuition into once in 2 weeks; helping us to get 2 quality tutors at the price of 1. Very creative. Will definitely recommend SchTutors to my friends.
Suzanne Dow posted on 19th Oct 2008
SchTutors clearly stands out from the rest. Hui Hiang was very patient and didn't give up until she finds a suitable tutor for me. I still remember there is once when she advices me not to take up a particular tutor because he was a misfit to my requirement. Very honest.