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Home Tuition: Things to Look Out for in a Home Tutor.

When looking for a tutor for your child, it is important for the tutor to be the right fit for your child. However, how do we go about determining if the tutor is the right fit? Here are some key points to look out for to ensure that the tutor is the one for your child.

Check for rapport (may take 3-4 lessons though)

That saying, in order to build rapport with your child, it will take a certain amount of time, and it might not be possible to achieve that from just 1 lesson and this relationship has to be built up over a course of 3-4 classes. Your child and tutor are also taking time to warm up to each other and some may take longer than others. Take some time to observe your child and the tutor before determining if that tutor is appropriate for your child.

Any communication barrier

Secondly, is your child having communication barriers with the tutor and does your child feel comfortable asking questions or when speaking to the tutor? If your child feels uncomfortable in any way with the tutor, it would be a good sign that the tutor may not be the best fit. Check with your child after each class or observe the dynamics between your child and the tutor during class. Also, ensure that the tutor is able to answer your child's doubts effectively and comprehensively. When your child finds it difficult to understand the tutor, does the tutor makes more effort to help your child? A good tutor will try their best to allow your child to understand in the best way possible.

Attitude of the tutor

Lastly, look out for the attitude of the tutor. Is the tutor giving your child the undivided attention that they deserve? Are they genuinely interested in helping your child clarify their doubts? Look out for signs of an uninterested tutor (E.g Checking mobile phones, watches frequently), as this will affect the quality of a tuition session and sometimes even the interest of the child.
These are some points you can look out for in a home tutor. A good tutor not only teaches well, but is also one that is able to build rapport with your child. It might take some time, but it will definitely be beneficial to your child in the long run.

Wen Man
Coordinator (Schtutors Team)
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