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Home Tuition: How to get the most out of it.

Home tuition is something that has become integral in the lives of students today. Both the academically inclined and weaker students will at some point find they need additional help and coaching in their school work to better their performance. Every student’s needs are unique. Similarly, his or her pace of learning. We at SchTutors aim to match the student with the tutor so as to help develop the best in the child. Pupils are encouraged to be conscientious and prepare well before each tuition class in order for them to get the most out of the session. Here are some tips that we can offer:

Before Class

It is important that the student collates all schoolwork that he or she has difficulties with. Additionally, any work assigned by the tutor should be completed before the start of the class. These practices should be consistent throughout the year rather than loading the tutor with questions nearer the examination date. Paying for additional classes as a solution would also be unnecessary. Studies have shown that revising work within 24 hours after it has been taught will help you recall better. By going through the new lesson once over each day instead of cramming at the end of the year is a much more effective and efficient way of learning.

During Class

At the start of the class present all problems with schoolwork, which should have been collated before the class, to the tutor. Never be afraid to ask questions, as that is the best way to learn. There is no such thing as a stupid question. It is better to make mistakes during class than during your examinations. Students must pay full attention to what the tutor is teaching and keep all electronic gadgets shut throughout the lesson. Lastly, never finish class with any doubts. It is advisable to make sure that all problems are explained before the lesson ends and not leave it till the next lesson. It is most likely that the question will be forgotten by the next lesson.

After Class

Work assigned by the tutor should be completed as soon as possible. The work is meant to help the pupil revise and to grasp the concepts well. View the work with the right attitude and treat tuition work seriously. Tuition is meant to supplement school work where lacking.
These are some ways that can help you get the most out of home tuition, but ultimately, the individual has to have the right attitude towards learning. The student should not only depend on the tutor, without putting in any effort. Work has to be done in order for results to be seen. We hope that this advice will be able to help you get the most out of home tuition after we have successfully matched a tutor for you.

Wen Man
Coordinator (Schtutors Team)
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