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Group Tuition Class

Last Updated: more than 120 days ago
Tutor's Name: Ms Dionne
Level & Subject: Pri 5 Science
Duration: Once a week, 1.5 hrs each lesson
Available Time Slots:
Fri 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Sat 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Max Class Size: 3 students
Tuition Fees Per Student:
(4 weeks)
Class Location: Off Lentor Loop, 7min walk from Lentor MRT station.
Remarks: - Led Science Department as covering HOD Science in North View Primary (2014-15)
- Won Outstanding Teacher Award in the Group & Individual categories (2012)
Tutor's Gender: Female
Age Group: 36 - 45 years old
Experience: Experience:
- Have more than 14 years experience in the education sector (full time & flexi adjunct MOE teacher, private F2F & online tutor)
- Has at least 3 years experience as a PSLE Science marker

Tutoring Approach:
- Identify strengths & weaknesses by analysing child's work and questioning
- Focused learning to clarify doubts, enhance conceptual understanding & improve process skills using experiments, hands on, outdoor trips & web resources, in addition to pen & paper practices (including customised learning sheets)
- Integrate fun into learning as much as possible. If it's not fun for me, it won't be fun for the students

Student records:
- Currently teaching 2 S2, 1 S1, 4 P6, 3 P5, 2 P4
- Summary of past P6 students PSLE results (2017-21): 18 improved, 6 maintained (out of 26)
Last taught in: North View Primary
Tutor Testimonial: 3 testimonials

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